Torro Offroad

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Lee Odom
March 16, 2020


Torro Offroad produces the highest quality handmade hard shell rooftop tents available. We're also a Virginia based company.


It's Corey Johnson. I just wanted to thank you for taking a peek into a labor of love that's been in the works for almost a year. So I don't have 100,000 miles of roaming the earth and camping all over the States but who does? The journey of 1000 miles begins the same for everyone....with the first step.

This is how our journey began..

SkyLux began as a project of love. A love for the outdoors and a love for the people I wanted to share it with.

I always wanted to go camping and enjoy nature more. As a kid I would even put our kitchen chairs in a circle, grab a blanket, throw it over the chairs to make my own tent. I could stay there for hours with my siblings. I loved every chance I had to camp indoors and outdoors as I became an adult. It is a passion that stuck with me even through the long days and late nights of working life.

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