Open Range Discada


Discada, Disco, Disc, Plow Disc Cooker or even Cowboy Wok; no matter what you call it, you’re going to love cooking on it .

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Our style of discada was originally brought north from Mexico, and here in South Central Texas (and other areas in the American Southwest) we’ve been cooking on them for decades. Either over an open fire or on legs with a single burner stove mounted underneath, cooking on a discada lends itself perfectly to the overlanding lifestyle.

So, what exactly is it? Discadas are crafted from used plow discs discarded from a farmer’s harrow and converted to one of the greatest cooking tools ever created.

What makes it so different from a traditional Asian wok is the thickness of the steel. While the wok’s relatively thin metal means food cooks faster and must be stirred often to avoid scorching, the heavy gauge steel of the discada (usually around 1/4″ thick!) allows the center – where the real sizzling happens – to stay piping hot, with a gradual decrease in temperature as food is placed nearer to the rim. This allows food away from the center to stay warm while not getting overcooked or burned. Since you’ll want to build up a tasty layer of seasoning, clean-up is a breeze. No soap or scrubbing required!


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