Adventure Motors (Dealer)

We’re a used vehicle dealership that sells over 375 vehicles a year.

We’re also a vehicle outfitter for the Off Road and Overland community. We can find your next vehicle, build it, and get you out on (or off) the road with confidence. We’ve been in the industry for 12 years and have a staff that is extremely passionate about what we do.

Great Salt Plains State Park

Great Salt Plains State Park is one of Oklahoma’s most unique state parks. The barren landscape of the nearby Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of salt leftover from an ocean that covered Oklahoma in prehistoric times, and the saltwater lake in the park, Great Salt Plains Lake, is about half as salty as the ocean.

Turtle Back Trailers

Turtleback Trailers are overland trailers packed with home amenities, tent materials, and storage for camping supplies. All of our travel trailers are towable by jeeps, SUVs, or trucks.

Rustic Mountain Overlanding

Our trailers are 100% Made in the USA. Birmingham Alabama to be exact, “A city forged by Iron”. We have 3 generations of fabricators designing and fabricating the Patrol XC trailer. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust our trailers are overbuilt and ready for any rugged adventure you can throw at it! Rustic Mountain Overlanding can set you up for your next adventure. Offering a wide variety of overloading gear from Thule, Tepui, ARB, RotopaX, and many more.

Torro Offroad

Torro Offroad produces the highest quality handmade hard shell rooftop tents available. We’re also a Virginia based company.